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August 2006 Issue (First Issue)

- - Editor - -
Dr. Amit Chatterjee
Adviser to MD, Tata Steel

-- Secretariate --
Mr. B P Sarkar (Convener)
Ex Tata Steel & Adv. Met.junct
October, 2019 Issue

Technical Papers: Focus on Why not Steel? Many Facets of Steel

  • Development of Advanced High Strength Steel Sheet with Improved Strain Hardenability for Automotive Application
    Madhawan Chandrawanshi, Rajan Kumar Singh and Devasish Mishra—JSW Steel
  • Ultra-high Strength Steels: Product and Process Innovations
    Niranjan Behera, V. Santhanagopalan, R. S. Pais, N. Rajesh and Vinay V. Mahashabde-Tata Steel
  • Shifting Needs for Steel Materials with the Rise of 5G Telecommunications and Smart Cities
    Joonho Lee- Korea University
  • Hydrogen Plasma Smelting: An Alternative and Sustainable Technology to Produce Green and Clean Steel
    B. Bhoi, P.R.Behera, Priyanka Rajput, S. Priyadarshini, R.K.Paramguru and B.K. Mishra-IMMT, Bhubaneswar
  • Tenova’s Intelligent i BOF® Slop Detection System (SDS) Technology
    Marco Luccini and Armando Vazquez- Tenova Goodfellow Inc, Canada
  • Why not Steel -– in Critical Applications – Buildings and Infrastructure
    Sushim Banerjee and Shiladitya Chanda- INSDAG
  • Steel: A Material of Choice-Surpassing Others
  • Assessment of Weld Bead Geometry during Fibre Laser Welding of Thin Steel Sheet
    Subhajit Mitra, Tanmay Bhattacharyya, Kanwer Singh Arora, Basudev Bhattacharya and Shiv Brat Singh-Tata Steel & IIT, Khargapur

Invited Article
  • Raw Material Transportation - Pipe Conveyors Become The Preferred Choice
    A.H. Ansariubey-Macmet Engineering
  • A Story of APL Apollo –a Leading Giant in Steel Tube Sector

Energy, Environment & Ecology
  • Renewable Energy to Expand by 50% in next 5 Years
  • Niobium Materials Technology in the Renewable Energy Sector
    Steven G. Jansto- CBMM North America Inc

  • Economy & Steel Market Scenario
  • Worldsteel Short Range Outlook - October 2019

Special Features
  • Steel Tech’s annual International Seminar 2019 - Highlights
  • Worldsteel Annual Conference 2019 at Mexico:
    • World Steel Association Elects New Officers and Welcomes New Members
    • Steelie Awards 2019
    • worldsteel Safety and Health Recognition Programme 2019
    • Speech by André Bier Gerdau Johannpeter, worldsteel Chairman 2018/2019

Technology, Product Development and Application
  • Hybrid Melting Furnaces: The way to Emission-free Raw Metal Production?
  • SSAB tops CDP’s list assessing Business Readiness in Fossil-free Steel Production
  • Liberty begins Construction of Powder Metals facility in the UK
  • SpaceX Hopes to test launch its ‘Epic’ New Steel Rocket

News Watch
  • Indian Steel Plants
  • Indian Steel Plants Spread Wings
  • International Steel

Statistics Revelation
  • Global Iron and Steel Scenario
  • Stainless Steel Scenario
  • Indian Steel Market Scenario
  • Steel Prices

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