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August 2006 Issue (First Issue)

- - Editor - -
Dr. Amit Chatterjee
Adviser to MD, Tata Steel

-- Secretariate --
Mr. B P Sarkar (Convener)
Ex Tata Steel & Adv. Met.junct
If you need soft copy of any article, please address it to Mr. B P Sarkar
July, 2017 Issue: Focus on Refractories, Ferro Alloys & Other Consumables in Steel Industry
  • Effect of Binders on the Properties of Plastic Refractory for Reheating Furnace of Steel Plant
    Arthita Bhattacharyya, S.K.Das andR.K. Pradhan; RDCIS-SAIL
  • Development of Techno-economical Balance Zonal Lining for Torpedo Ladles to Enhance Life to 2122 cycles at Rourkela Steel Plant
    R.B. Gupta; SAIL-RSP
  • Indian Refractory Industry Scenario and TRL Krosaki’s Offering to Meet the Challenges
    P B Panda; TRL Krosaki
  • Cored Wire Usage in Steel Plants
    Vivek Ranjan; Minex Metallurgical
  • Ferro Alloys in India- Challenges, Opportunities and Future Prospects
    D. B. Sundara Ramam; Tata Steel

Invited Article
  • High Nitrogen Steels with Special Functional Properties
    S Srikanth, P Saravanan and Atul Saxena; RDCIS-SAIL
  • Corrosion Behaviour of High Nitrogen containing Austenitic Stainless Steels
    S Srikanth, P Saravanan, P. Govindarajan, T. Muthukumar and Atul Saxena; RDCIS-SAIL & SSP- SAIL
  • Stein Reheating Furnace for Turkish Market
    Raja Chowdhury; Fives Stein India Projects

Men that Matter
  • Prof. Madhusudan Chakraborty

Energy, Environment and Ecology
  • Solar Power tariff at Historic Low
  • Petrol Cars will Vanish in 8 Years
  • Energy Efficiency and Control of Green House Gas Emission in Iron and Steel Making and Processing
    Debasis Mukerjee; NIFFT, Ranchi

  • Steel Market Scenario
  • Metal Market Outlook 2017- India Vs World
    Alireza Moghaddam

Special Features
  • How to Succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2017
  • The Future of Work in Asia—How can India Create Livelihoods in the Digital Age
    Marc Saxer
  • Future Trends in Steel Consuming Industries and their Impact on the Steel Industry
  • Breakthrough in the Digital Transformation: Thyssenkrupp Connects Machinery
  • Super Shakti Jamuria Plant to Roll out 1.1 Mt Steel by Year End

Technology, Product Development & Application
  • R&D plays a Central Role in Steel
    Andrew Zoryk, Accenture
  • Tenova teams up with Microsoft for Industry 4.0 Solution
  • Additive Manufacturing--3D Printers will Change Manufacturing
  • Joint Venture formed to drive HYBRIT initiative
  • Nano particles Improve the Strength of Metallic Alloys
  • ISSF announces Winners of New Applications Awards
  • Kiruna Wagon Wins Swedish Steel Prize 2017

News Watch
  • Indian Steel Plants
  • Indian Steel Plants Spread Wings
  • International Steel

Statistics Revelation
  • Global Iron and Steel Scenario
  • Stainless Steel Scenario
  • Indian Steel Scenario

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