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August 2006 Issue (First Issue)

- - Editor - -
Dr. Amit Chatterjee
Adviser to MD, Tata Steel

-- Secretariate --
Mr. B P Sarkar (Convener)
Ex Tata Steel & Adv. Met.junct
If you need soft copy of any article, please address it to Mr. B P Sarkar
April, 2015 Issue: Focus on Continuous Casting and Endless Rolling
  • Continuous Casting and Endless Rolling
    G. Chakrabotry, D. K. Ambasta, P. K Behera, P. Mukherjee & Nisheeth Kumar
  • Danieli QSP for Continuous Casting and Endless Rolling
    Matteo Bulfone, Alessandro Pigani, Mike Knights, Sanat K. Bhaumik and Santanu Rudra
  • Andreas Jungbauer
  • Development of High Strength Hot Rolled Strips through Compact Strip Process in Tata Steel
    Diptak Bhattacharya and Siddhartha Misra
  • Technological Interventions for Controlling Rhomboidity in Continuously Cast Bloom
    A Paul, A K Bandopadhaya, R Agarwal, S K Majhi, B R Pal, N Pradhan and R Datta

Invited Article
  • Process for Beneficiating Low Grade Maghemite Ore
    T Umadevi, Abhishek Kumar, Rameshwar Sah, K. Marutiram, A. Umasankar and Harvendra Diwan
  • New Plant Concepts for the Production of Large Sized ESR Ingots
    Harald Holzgruber, Bertram Ofner, Manfred Ramprecht and Alexander Scheriau
  • Special Bar Quality Steel for Automotive Application– Gerdau Steel Approach
    Narendra B. Shukla

Energy, Environment and Ecology
  • Energy Use in the Steel Industry
    Clean Power Generation

  • Economy and Steel Market Scenario
  • From Middle East Desk

Company to Watch
  • Men that Matter– Sajjan Jindal

Special Features
  • Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards 2014

Technology, Product Development & Application
  • Steel is an Integral Part of the Global Circular Economy–Worldsteel
  • New Steel Alloy Stronger than Titanium Developed in South Korea
  • Cheap Wonder Metals will Make a Faster, Cleaner World
  • Amazon: They Know Where It Is

News Watch
  • Indian Steel Plants
  • Indian Steel Plants Spread Wings
  • International Steel

Statistics Revelation
  • Global Iron and Steel Scenario
  • Indian Steel Scenario

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