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August 2006 Issue (First Issue)

- - Editor - -
Dr. Amit Chatterjee
Adviser to MD, Tata Steel

-- Secretariate --
Mr. B P Sarkar (Convener)
Ex Tata Steel & Adv. Met.junct
If you need soft copy of any article, please address it to Mr. B P Sarkar
April, 2013 Issue: Focus on Environmental Aspects of the Iron and Steel Industry
  • Iron and Steel Production: Some Environmental Aspects
  • Development of Eco-efficiency and Eco-effectiveness for the Steel Industry in Poland – Challenges and Opportunities
    Dorota Burchart-Korol
  • Use of Process Models to Estimate Co2 Emission Reduction under Indian Conditions
    Rajeev Kumar Sahu, Vandana Kumari, G. G. Roy, P.K Sen
  • Impact of Cokemaking Technology Selection on Steel Plant's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Footprint
    Yakov Gordon, Paul Towsey, Ian Cameron, and Sunil Kumar
  • Stable Effluent Treatment System in a Coke Plant
    Sabyasachi Chakaraborty and Animesh Kar
  • Beyond In-process Recycling -- Potential Avenues, R&D Challenges and Development of Applications for BOF Slag Utilisation
    S.Mitra Mazumder, Satya Prakash, S.N.Tiwari, M.Choubey and A.Das
  • New Trends in Removing Pollutants from Steel Industrial Wastewater
    Angela Banerjee, Supriya Sarkar and P K Banerjee
  • Evaluation of Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions for Alternative Iron- and Steelmaking Process Technologies
    Sunil Kumar, Michiel Freislich and Yakov Gordon
  • HIsarna pilot plant successfully completes second experimental campaign
    Koen Meijer, Cornelis Teerhuis, Maarten Ouwehand, Christiaan Zeilstra, Jan van der Stel, Tim Peeters and Chris Treadgold
  • Environmental Studies Offered by Siemens VAI Identifies the Best Dedusting Solution for Older Steel Plants Making Working a Pleasant Experience
    Willibald Kloibhofer
  • Agglomeration of Ferro Alloy Fines for Use in Bulk Steelmaking
    Prabhash Gokarn, Veerendra Singh, A Kumar, B D Nanda and A Bhattcharjee

Invited Article
  • Simplifying Life with Tiscon Readybuild - Taking Rebar Downstream Services throughout the Length and Breadth of India
    Amit Kumar Singh

Energy, Environment and Ecology
  • Solar Power --A Sustainable Renewable Energy

  • Economy and Indian Steel Market Scenario

  • Men that Matter: P K Singh

Technology, Product Development & Application
  • Siemens Introduces Circular Pelletising Technology
  • Tata Steel Upgrades Research Facility on Ultra High Strength Automotive Steels
  • Tata Steel Invests Euro 4.5 million at IJmuiden Plant to Reduce CO2
  • SMS Siemag to Deliver the World's Largest Submerged Arc Furnace to POSCO

News Watch
  • Indian Steel Plants
  • Indian Steel Plants Spread Wings
  • International Steel

Statistics Revelation
  • Statistics on Global Iron and Steel Production
  • Indian Steel Scenario
  • Stainless Steel Scenario

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