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August 2006 Issue (First Issue)

- - Editor - -
Dr. Amit Chatterjee
Adviser to MD, Tata Steel

-- Secretariate --
Mr B P Sarkar (Convener)
Ex Tata Steel & Adv. Met.junct
October, 2009: Focus on Non Destructive Testing
  • Recent Advances in Non Destructive Evaluation of Stainless Steels
    T. Jayakumar, B.P.C. Rao and Baldev Raj
  • Listening to the Sound of Steel during Fracture
    Narayan Parida
  • Characterisation of Microstructures in M250 grade Maraging Steel using Multi-Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques
    K.V. Rajkumar, B.P.C. Rao, T. Jayakumar and Baldev Raj
  • Ultrasonic Immersion C-Scan Imaging Technique: A Tool for Evaluating and Optimising EMS Parameters for Continuously Cast Steel Billet Quality
    Manish Raj, P P Sahoo, S K Choudhary and J C Pandey
  • Effect of Induced Residual Stresses in Similar and Dissimilar Metal Welds using X ray Diffraction and Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Techniques
    S.Balamurugan and T.Balasubramanian; P. Sampathkumaran, M. Janardhana, R. K. Kumar and S. Seetharamu

Overview : International Seminar on Alternative Routes for Ironmaking in India by Steel Tech
  • Report on 43rd. Worldsteel conference at Beijing
  • Address by Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman, worldsteel
  • To Work Jointly in Achieving Sustainable Development in Tackling the Current Crisis in China
    Yizhong Li
  • The impact of international financial crisis on China steel industry
    Wu Xichun

Energy, Environment and Ecology:
  • Presentation on CO2 Breakthrough Technologies
    Michel Wurth
  • Water Management Project
    Hans Regtuit

  • Worldsteel's Short Range Outlook for Steel Demand
  • The New Normal - Navigating Steel Makers to Opportunities Emerging from the Crisis KarelEloot
  • Global Economic Meltdown-An Indian perspective

  • Men that Matter
    T Jayraman
  • Our Pride
    Dr Sanak Mishra, President of IIM

Special Features:
  • 3-roll Reducing & Sizing Block to increase Quality and Productivity
    W-Jorgen Ammerling, Stefan Schwarz and Jorg von der Heiden

Technology, Product Development & Application
  • Siemens VAI Starts up Vertical Slab Caster at Baosteel, China
  • Posco Develops 590 MPa class Galvannealed Steel Sheets
  • Bhilai Steel Plant Rolls Ultra High Strength Plates for Space vehicles

News Watch
  • Indian Steel Plants
  • Indian Steel Plants Spread Wings
  • International Steel

Statistics Revelation
  • Global Steel Production
  • Foreign Trade in Steel by China
  • Indian Steel Scenario
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