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August 2006 Issue (First Issue)

- - Editor - -
Dr. Amit Chatterjee
Adviser to MD, Tata Steel

-- Secretariate --
Mr B P Sarkar (Convener)
Ex Tata Steel & Adv. Met.junct
Steel Tech's inaugural issue was published in August, 2006. This journal aims to serve the iron and steel industry through qualitative inputs to take care of their technology issues and present a sparkling steel industry to entice young engineers and scientists into the manufacturing sector. The first issue focuses on various routes of Ironmaking based on Indian raw materials. Besides it gives an overview on Iron & Steel industry, Environmental protection, Welfare of people working in the industry and those living around the mines and steel townships. It also includes R&D, New Product Development & Application areas, Special features, News watch, Statistics and Revelations.

Important items in contents are :

August 2006 Issue
  • Messages from Steel Minister, CM of Orissa, Jharkhand and Industry Minister of West Bengal
  • Editorial : Dr. Amit Chatterjee
  • Focus :
    • Ironmaking - An assessment of Various Alternatives- Dr R V Ramna, Tata Steel
    • Role of Raw Materials Quality in Blast furnace- Mr. Narayan Sengupta, et el, M N Dastur & Co
    • Mathematical Modelling of Blast Furnace Processes---: Dr S K das et.el, NML
    • Smelting Reduction- JSW experience with COREX- Mr. Dharmendra Gupta et.el, JSW Steel
    • HYL Direct Reduction Technology- Mr Ram Singh et.el, Electrotherm(I) Ltd
  • Overview : Indian Steel Industry and its Sustainability- Dr R K P Singh, INSDAG
  • Enviormant and Ecology
    • Environment Conservation in Sponge Iron Plants- Mr Ashok Pandit, Tata SpongeIron
    • Resource Conservation-Corporate Response- Dr. M D Maheswari and R.P.Sharma
  • Market :
    • Steel Outlook- Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, JSW Steel
    • The Export Option- Mr. A C Bose, Advisor to MD, Tata Steel
  • People :
    • Men that Matter- Mr. Ratan Tata
    • Changing Profile of the Indian Steel-mill Worker- Mr Prabir Guha, Globsyn Business School
  • Special Features :
    • Steel Show-steeljunction of Tata Steel- Mr. Sumit Roy, Tata Steel
    • Steel Rises in the East
    • Steel Limited
  • Technology, Product Development an application :
    • Steel for Freedom Towers
    • Stainless Steel under Strain
    • New Products from Thyssenkrupp
    • R & D at JSW, Japan
  • News watch : Indian Steel Plants, Indian Steel Plants Spread Wings, International steel plant news
  • Statistics Revelation

October 2006 Issue - focus on steelmaking & casting. Important articles as follows besides our other regular items:
  • Appropriate Process Routes and Technologies for steel making- Mr Supriyo Dasgupta, M N Dastur & Co
  • Physical Modelling of Steelmaking processes- Dr S K Ajmani, Tata Steel
  • Metallurgy of Low Nitrogen Steelmaking through EAF-VAD-CC route- SAIL, RDCIS
  • The Mini Blast furnace- a Solution for the Special Steel Industry- Usha Martin Co
  • Technological Perspective of High Speed Continuous Slab Casting of Steel- NML
  • Innovative CSP Technology for Automotive Grades- SMS Demag
  • Total Refractories Solutions- a major Thrust by TRL
  • National Steel Policy
  • Current Trends in Materials Research for the Energy Sector- Director, CGCRI
  • Men that Matter- O P Jindal
  • Terra Nullius- Prabir Guha, Globsyn Business School
  • Steel Steals the Show- B Muthuraman, Tata Steel

December 2006 & February 2007 Issue (combined)
Focus on Special and Alloy Steels. Important articles as follows:
  • Overview on Alloy and Stainless Steel Industry
  • Scenario of Engineering Steels for Automotive Component Industry

Status, steel selection, quality requirements & future outlook: B.V.R.Raja, S.N.Davidson, S.P.Patnaik- ASP, SAIL
  • Specialty Steels from Mukand:

Amit Ganguly, A.Chatterjee & V.M.Mashruwala
  • Profiles of Alloy Steel Producers in India
  • Development of Process Technology for Control of Ti in Ball Bearing Steel:

Kiran Kumar Keshari, Kuntal Patwari & S.R. Sarkar-RDCIS, SAIL
  • Maruti's Experience with Automotive Grade Material

Shinichi Takeuchi,
  • Bharat Forge - a Global forging company
  • Vikrant Forge-A premier Open Die Forging Unit in Eastern India
  • Prospects of the Indian Auto and Auto Component Industry
  • Stakeholder Assessment as a Tool for Growth of Indian Steel Industry:
    R K P Singh, INSDAG
  • Good Practices for Effective Management of a Water Utility - Jamshedpur Experience:

G S Basu and Sanjiv Paul, Tata Steel
  • Research on Clean Energy

  • The Market Scenario for Steels and Ferro-alloys
  • Men that Matter : Baba Kalyani
  • Attracting and Retaining Engineers for the Steel Industry
  • 'Service' from Tata Ryerson:
  • April, 2007 - Focus on beneficiation. The important articles are:

    • Beneficiation of Iron Ore - An Overview- Ch.V.G.K.Murty, N.D.Rao and Amit Chatterjee, Tata Steel
    • Beneficiation of Iron Ores for Iron and Steel making-R. Singh and S.P. Mehrotra, NML
    • West Bokaro: Journey towards producing Clean Coal at Lower Ash-A K Ojha, Tata Steel
    • Challenges and Solutions for Upgrading Indian Iron Ores to Optimise Mining and Steel Production-
      Dr.-Ing. Heribert Breuer | Sabyasachi Mishra, Hari Machines

    Mining and milling process integration and optimization - W.Valery, A.Jankovic, D.LaRosa, A.Dance, S.Esen, J.Colacioppo, Metso
    • Nickel: Has the time come for Sukinda?- Dr R P Das
    • Future Demands of the Indian Steel Industry on Technical Education-Amit Chatterjee , Tata Steel
    • Consolidation in Steel Industry and its impact- Chanakya Choudhury, Tata Steel
    • Men that Matter: S. P Mehrotra
    • INSDAG - Promoting New Frontiers for Steel Usage
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Mining Industry
    • Conference at Bhubaneswar
    July, 2007 - Focus is on 'Surface Protection'.
    The important articles are:
    • Coated Steels for Automotives - An Overview: -
      R&D, Tata Steel
    • Mill Coatings - a Comprehensive Approach to Metal Protection:
      Dr. D. Bhattacharya, Rotomac Speciality Chemicals
    • Protective Coatings for Steel Structures:
      Dr. A. Bhattacharyya, RDCIS, SAIL
    • Tinplate - Corrosion and its Prevention: A. Hore and Joydeep Chatterjee, TCIL
    • Special Coated Products from Tata Blue Scope Steel Limited: Rohit Ranjan
    • Effect of Silicon Content of Iron and Steel on the Hot Dip Galvanising Reaction: Dr. N C Jain, Ispat Industries, Nagpur
    • New High Speed Colour Coating Line working on Patented Process:
    S.C.Ajmera and M. Sivaramakrishnan, Shree precoated Steel
    • Transformation from Commodity to Brand
    Tata Shaktee Team of Tata Steel
    • Quaker's Perfect Product Approach towards the Cleanliness of the Cold Rolled Strips to get Trouble Free Coating in the Downstream Processes:
    • India: a global power by 2020? - a Per Capita Steel Consumption Perspective:
      R. K. Markan, H&K Rolling Mill
    • Retail Marketing : Prabir Guha , Globsyn Business School
    • Recent Steel Market and Industry Outlook in India : D. Kabi, SAIL
    • Men that Matter: Prashanth Ruia
    • JPC- Contributions for Steel Industry
    • Focus-TMIL
    • State of Ship Building Industry
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